Together Duke is a collection of voices, resulting from input provided by hundreds of people across our campus.

Students learning while teacher demonstrates concepts on a chalkboard
Students and faculty collaborate in a work space

The planning process began in earnest in January 2015, and provided an opportunity to engage faculty, students, staff, and alumni in conversations on how to build a community where all can contribute, learn, and thrive.

The Academic Council and Board of Trustees approved the plan in May 2017, endorsing the vision and goals set forth by our university community.

Students on benches on west campus under a tree in spring

Task Forces

Diverse groups of members of the Duke community advancing aspects of the plan.

Strategic Planning Committee

Meet the group who gathered information from the Duke community and helped define the roadmap for the next decade.


Explore the events that have helped formulate Together Duke.

Learn more about Together Duke’s ambitious academic goals for the next decade.

View the plan to read more about the initiatives planned within each of the goals.